Oboe Reeds by James Sullivan

Oboe Reeds by James Sullivan

Oboe Reeds by James SullivanOboe Reeds by James Sullivan

 Hi and thank you for visiting my website. 



My name is James Sullivan and I have been Principal Oboe of the Alabama Symphony since 1997. 

As  an orchestral oboist, reed making is a big part of my daily life. The  reeds that I sell on this website are held to the same standards as the  reeds that I play on myself. I am very proud of the quality of my  product and am very excited to be able to offer my reeds for sale to  you. I hope that I can be of continuous service to you and can make your  oboe endeavors more rewarding and fulfilling.


This  website comes at the request of many of my own students and the  students of other oboe teachers, former students of mine who don't have  the time to make reeds for themselves, band directors who are looking  for the best reeds for their students, and professional  freelancers/doublers and performers on almost every skill level. The  best way to make reeds that you like is to do it yourself.  Unfortunately, that is not reality for the aforementioned oboists. There  are many reasons that people choose to buy their reeds. Some people  detest reed making or just simply don't have the time. Students of any  level need high quality reeds to serve as models while they are learning  to make them for themselves. And we have all known famous oboe players  that prefer to buy reeds from other players!



I  highly encourage oboe players to make their own reeds and have taught  countless students all that I know about this ongoing and delicate  process. Until you feel like the day comes when you can create your own  reeds that serve your needs, I am here to help you any way I can.