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About me

Personally, I got a rather late start at oboe playing. That was followed by an early...too early...start on reed making. Soon after I began playing, I attended a short reed making seminar where I obtained limited and, to be honest, questionable information on the subject. This resulted in countless hours struggling at the reed desk trying to figure out how to make a reed that would work. Too much time was spent trying to make a reed the wrong way and not enough time was spent practicing! I teach my students how to make reeds early, but not before they have a good grasp of the fundamentals of playing and have established a rigid practice routine to which reed making can be added, not substituted for practicing.

Years later after my questionable and frustrating beginnings, I had quite the opposite experience. I was privileged to study with the most well known and highly skilled reed makers in the country. I am grateful for the knowledge that I received from them and hope that I can adequately pass on the art to all that I can. 

Finally, one of my biggest goals is to be able to treat each of my customers individually. I will aim to receive your repeat business by using your feedback from your purchases to continually improve the fulfillment of your needs. I will keep track of your input and will try my hardest to incorporate it into your future orders. Both of the following pages allow you a space to tell me as much as you wish about your reed specifications. Be as thorough as possible. Include details such as how long you have played, what brand of oboe you play, what types of groups you play in (band, orchestra, chamber ensembles, etc), as well as the typical descriptions like "soft, medium, hard". 

You have many choices on the internet for purchasing oboe reeds.  I can assure you that the reeds you purchase from me will be made from the highest quality cane and materials and will be no lesser quality than the reeds I play on myself.

Again, thanks for visiting! I look forward to meeting you and to being a part of your musical growth and enjoyment.

James Sullivan
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